Monday, 1 October 2012

Draw a Cartoon Dog

This week see how to draw a cartoon dog. You'll notice that it starts off in a similar way to the monkey before the details start to change. I've tried to go at a pace in the video that makes it easy to keep up for anyone who wants to have a go. You could add your own details like a big bushy tail or some teeth to make your dog different.

Your going to need these

Watch the video to find out what to do. Template available here.


  1. ooo this is so much fun! I was thinking booo I'll have to wait ages for my baby Isaac to be big enough to try these things ... think I may just have to have a go myself :-)

  2. Ooh my girls will love this!
    Look forward to seeing what else you do - glad to have found you through Love New Blogs!

  3. This is fab! Something to do with the children on the weekend. Thanks :)

  4. So cute, I'm bookmarking these for when my boy is old enough to join in the fun :)